Could balance problems in my dog be related to a TECA surgery 6 months ago?


My dog had a total ear canal ablation (TECA) in 7 months ago and has been very good since the surgery and recovered well. However this week her eyes started flickering and her balance went and she was rushed in to the vets. Her temp was 104.3. She had x rays were done on her skull but nothing was identified as a problem. Could these problems be caused from the TECA she had done 7 months ago - like an infection or would this of happened by now?


I hope your pup is feeling better.  It is difficult to say what caused your pet’s loss of balance and focus.  Metabolic changes, cardiac conditions, as well as neurologic conditions can cause symptoms like you describe.  You did the right thing in taking your pet immediately to your family veterinarian for evaluation and care.  If her problems continue, work with your family veterinarian to rule out other possible causes and perhaps seek a referral to a board certified internal medicine specialists or neurologist in your area.  Veterinary specialists work closely with family veterinarians to provide a team approach in veterinary care and pet health.