Does my dog have something stuck in her nose?


Our Golden Retriever started sneezing about 3 weeks ago. Then she started with a nasal drip with intermittent sneezing and sounding nasally congested. This continues now, but now she sounds like she is getting fluid in the back of her throat constantly and she is snoring loudly. She is active, running with no shortness of breath; lungs are clear, eats well and has a good bark. Could it be some sort of obstruction?


The signs you are describing in your dog localize the problem to the nose or nasopharyngeal (i.e. the space above the soft palate). Things that can cause this type of disease include very benign problems, such as allergies, dental disease or simple foreign material (e.g. food or plant material) or more serious problems such as certain type of tumors or a fungal infection. I'd encourage you to visit your vet for an exam and lab work to start. A nasal flush and dental x-rays would also be a good starting point, and if that is not working, then the most advances testing includes a CT of the head and rhinoscopy.