How will we know if our diabetic cat is no longer diabetic?


How will we know if our diabetic cat reverts to normal - not needing insulin twice daily? He's 13.5 years old, weighs 15 lbs. and is receiving Glargine insulin 1 unit 2 times per day. He seems stable & great after losing 5 lbs. and treatment started. It has been 2 months since we began insulin treatment.  


In general, diabetic cats and dogs should be rechecked by their regular veterinarian every few months. During their visit to the veterinarian, a blood sugar and/or a urine glucose level is frequently checked.  If the blood sugar level or urine glucose level is normal, your veterinarian will discuss the possibility of your cat no longer being diabetic. The veterinarian would potentially stop the insulin for a couple of days and recheck the blood glucose to see if it stays normal off of insulin. At home, many diabetic animals will have an increase in their drinking and urination. If this increase in drinking and urination is no longer noticed, they could be seen by your veterinarian to have their blood sugar tested and see if he is just well regulated or no longer diabetic. You could also discuss with your veterinarian the potential of monitoring urine glucose or blood sugar at home. This could be another way to tell if he is no longer diabetic. If you find that your cat is difficult to regulate his diabetes, you could consider seeing an internal medicine specialist to help with the treatment of his diabetes.  Here is an article about managing diabetes in pets.