I need help with getting blood from my dog for glucose testing!


My dog needs glucose monitoring at home but the problem is getting enough blood for testing. I do not want to cut the quick on his toe nail. Is there a way to monitor with urine tests since blood glucose tests are not working? My dog gets stressed when he has his nail clipped shirt for glucose reading. I am thinking there has to be a better way to do this that is not so stressful.


I assume your dog is getting blood glucose testing for diabetes? I understand that this can be a challenging and frustrating situation. I also do not think that quicking his nail is a good option for obtaining blood for testing at home, as this can be painful.

Better alternatives to collect blood at home are from the inside of the tip of the ear or from the paw pads at the bottom of the feet. Both can be obtained with a small gauge needle with minimal discomfort.

There are urine dipsticks available that will monitor for sugar in the urine; however, this test is not a reliable way to adjust the insulin dose.

Alternatively, a fructosamine test can be performed at your veterinarian. This test requires just one quick blood draw and measures the average blood sugar over a 2-3 week period. In many cases it can eliminate the need for daily blood glucose testing.