Is it possible to have ocular prosthesis surgery after an enucleation?


Can an ocular (eye) prosthesis surgery be done 4 weeks after an enucleation (eye removal)?


There are two common types of ocular prosthesis for dogs: intrascleral (or intraocular) prosthesis and intraorbital prosthesis. To answer the question, an intrascleral prosthesis cannot be performed after an enucleation (eye removal).  It needs to be surgically placed into the "shell" (inside the fibrosis tunic - the scleral and cornea - after the intraocular structures have be removed) of the eye (and then incision is sutured closed). With the enucleation surgery, the entire eye (including this "shell") has been removed and, thus, an intrascleral prosthesis cannot be implanted. The intraorbital prosthesis (placed into the orbit or eye socket with the skin sutured closed after the globe has been removed) may or may not be able to be performed at 1 month out. This also should be performed at the time of the enucleation before there is tissue contraction and scar development.