My can't walk on his hind legs. Could his diabetes be causing this?


My 12 year old male cat has diabetes, diagnosed 3 years ago. His tail was amputated 2 months ago due to neuropathy in hind legs. Now his bladder is leaking and he cannot walk on his rear legs. What do you think is happening?


It sounds as though your cat may have progressive pelvic limb neurologic defects. Without a detailed neurologic examination it would be difficult to localize and give you a list of specific differentials. In general I would be concerned about either a spinal cord or peripheral nerve problem. Given your cat's history of surgery, one concern would be ascending infection (meningitis or meningomyelitis) though we could not rule out intervertebral disc herniation, neoplasia, metabolic disease or other causes. Your cat should be seen as soon as possible by a surgeon or preferably a neurologist and have a complete neurologic examination, survey spinal radiographs, bloodwork and an MRI +/- CSF analysis.