My cat has terrible skin problems!


Our Persian cat has been having consistent hair loss on his head and neck going on 3 months now. It started on his ear and has slowly moved down his neck, across the top his head, over to the other ear, down to his eyes, left cheek & chin. The base of the hair follicles are crusty and fall out very easily. As it moves to new areas, the hair slowly tries to grow back in the old areas. He constantly scratches. A skin scrape was done by our veterinarian, but it did not show anything. We've had no luck with medicine; itraconazole, clavamox or prednisolone. In the past week, his eyes have been greatly affected and swollen. One eye is now cloudy and has a mucus build-up causing it to close up. We are now trying to see a dermatologist for further testing. Any experience with these sorts of symptoms in cats?


Hair loss in cats can be a difficult problem to work through but I think your vet started with a good first step. Possible causes of hair loss include allergies (especially from fleas), deeper bacterial skin infections, mites, some cancers and autoimmune diseases. If no cause is identified on simple tests such as skin scrapings and cytology of the skin and you have already treated your cat for fleas, then I would recommend you follow up with a dermatologist as a skin biopsy may be needed.