My cat needs another surgery after she was declawed? Should I be worried?


I adopted a young cat and had her declawed. Now, 6 weeks later, she's limping and painful on her right paw. The vet said her pad seems to be gone. He dispensed pain medication and gave her an antibiotic shot that will last for two weeks in case there's infection. He mentioned that what may have happened is that the stitch didn't hold and the pad separated and bone is exposed. He said if that's the case, he'll have to do surgery again and try to pull the pad over and re-stitch it. What is the success rate for this and should I seek a specialist for this.


Declaws by nature can be challenging during the healing process. Most go very well however, occasionally incisions will break open. Without examining your kitty it would be difficult to predict the success rate of the second surgery. Your veterinarian will be the best to assess if your kitty requires a specialist to perform the second surgery. Most veterinarians are capable of performing the revision as you described.