My dog had abnormal liver values on pre dental testing.


My 9 year old toy poodle had bloodwork before being treated for severe dental plaque and the results showed elevated liver enzymes.  Her ALT, BUN, BUN/Creatinine Ratio, and Bile Acids tests were all above normal. My veterinarian said her abdomen palpated normal with no masses or fluid. My dog’s appetite and activity level is good although she has allowed down a bit and sleeps more over the past year. She is taking Denamarin and is on heartworm and flea prevention and eats a high quality diet. What are your recommendations?


Thank you for contacting ExpertVet about your dog. The elevation in liver enzyme activities and bile acids indicates that there is a problem with liver function. Multiple factors may be involved and further evaluation is indicated. Additional diagnostics would include abdominal ultrasound (at minimum), radiographs, possibly Protein C activity assay, and others as determined by additional findings. If a veterinary internal medicine specialist is in your area, such a visit would be advised in this situation.

In conjunction with your regular veterinarian, a Board-Certified Internal Medicine Specialist  is the best clinician to treat your dog for this condition. The closest ExpertVet certified hospital to you is listed at the bottom of this page. For additional locations, click here.