My dog has chafing spots on her back legs – what can it be?


My dog seems to have some small chafing spots on the upper inside of both legs. I have put a triple antibiotic salve on it and it seems to work for a bit, but comes back. I noticed it seems to get worse after she's been outside. It is very cold outside with temperatures well below freezing.  Could this be the cause?


Dry skin would not necessarily distribute over the hind limbs only. Rechecking your puppy for fleas with a flea comb would be recommended as infrequent flea exposure with 1 or 2 fleas can keep flea allergy active. Other considerations would be a possible food allergy or less likely scabies. A Staph infection on the skin could also be contributing to the problem. A dermatology exam would be a good place to start to better characterize this problem and direct appropriate treatment for your puppy.