My dog is limping after biopsies were taken. What is the next step?


My 7-year-old yellow Labrador had biopsies taken and has now started limping on her left front leg. X-rays were performed and showed no signs of fracture or cancer. What should be the next step to relieve any pain she is in?


I am sorry to hear that your Labrador is uncomfortable. There are several differentials (possible diagnoses) that are difficult to detect even with radiographs. It would be very helpful to learn a little more about the biopsy results and to look at the radiographs. Possibilities to further evaluate include oblique radiographs and/or a CT scan. If the problem is localized to the elbow, short of a surgical repair, options can include joint injections, supplements, and physical rehabilitation. A board-certified veterinarian can help you figure out what is happening to your dog and will best help you implement a plan with which to move forward.