My dog recently became ill


My dog recently became ill and blood worked showed increases in liver values. My veterinarian insists that we check for Cushing's disease. Reading on-line my dog has not shown signs people report with Cushing's disease such as increased water drinking, increased appetite, or hair coat changes. In fact, my dog's appetite has been down for a while and there has been some weight loss with occasional vomiting. Should I have my dog tested for Cushing's disease?


No. Dog's with Cushing's disease are not ill. A myriad of disease can cause elevations in liver values. An increase in liver values (especially one called alkaline phosphatase which is often increased in dog's with Cushing's disease) is not a reason to test for Cushing's disease in a patient without compatible clinical signs. Other factors must be looked at for your dog's illness. Cushing's disease would not be one of those.