My dog’s ear is red & itchy after grooming


My Shih Tzu was recently groomed and since then has had an itchy, red, ear. It seems to come and go. This also happened the last time she was groomed. What could this be?


Thank you for your question regarding your young dog developing a red itchy ear after grooming. Dogs can be sensitive to certain shampoos; however it seems unusual for her to repeatedly have signs only in one ear. She could also have irritation from the clippers, or from fur being removed from the ear canal. Some breeds have a lot of fur that grows in the ear canal and it is usually removed during grooming to help air circulation and decrease the chances of infection developing in the ear. If it is bothering her and you see her scratching, rubbing her ear or shaking her head, you should have your veterinarian evaluate the ear for any signs of underlying ear infection.