My dog with Valley Fever has a painful lump on her leg.


My 10year old dog was diagnosed with valley fever a few months ago. We have been giving her 800mg of fluconazole per day and she seems much better except for her left rear leg which has a large lump in the joint. She rarely puts that foot down anymore in spite of pain medication. She seems happy, and alert, hops around on three legs. My question is how long before the lump starts to go away, or will it ever?


The swollen joint may be due to coccidiomycosis (valley fever), however there may need to be consideration that another problem is affecting the joint. Bone or joint cancers can appear radiographically similar to fungal infections. Discussion with your veterinarian regarding referral for consultation with a specialist in veterinary surgery would be suggested in order to make certain that another problem affecting the joint is not present. Your dog may need specialized imaging and a fine needle aspirate or a biopsy for a definitive diagnosis.