My Labrador retriever has been diagnosed


My Labrador retriever has been diagnosed with a torn cranial cruciate ligament in the knee.  We lead a very active lifestyle.   With so many choices I am confused as to what is the best option for surgery to get my dog back to jogging and hiking with me.


There are many options for surgical repair of a torn cranial cruciate ligament, and it can be quite confusing to the many pet owners. However, there are several techniques available today that give consistently good results in cases of torn cruciate ligaments, and that can restore great function so that your companion can go back to jogging and hiking with you. The exact repair that is suggested to you will depend on the anatomy of your dog’s knee as seen on x-rays of the knee as well as the personal preference of the experienced surgeon. Your best option is to seek the care of a Board-Certified Surgeon at an ExpertVet certified hospital and discuss the various options that are available.

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