My vet diagnosed my dog with Cushing’s disease


My vet diagnosed my dog with Cushing’s disease. Can this be cured?


Cushing’s disease is a common endocrine disease in dogs where 80% - 90% have a tumor in the pituitary gland at the base of the brain. Pituitary gland tumors are rarely removed therefore Cushing’s disease is medically managed for the lifetime of your dog. Appropriate medications when used under the correct circumstances and when dogs on these medications are monitored regularly can be very effective at treating and controlling the symptoms of Cushing’s disease. Over the life of your dog, treatment changes may become necessary, based on monitoring with blood tests and how well the clinical signs of Cushing's disease are being controlled. The medications used to treat your dog will need to be continued for the rest of her life, though the dose may be periodically adjusted. With good follow-up and periodic monitoring of adrenal function the prognosis is good. In pets with inadequate follow-up and monitoring, disease symptoms often return, and severe illness or death may occur because of complications resulting from Cushing’s disease.

A veterinarian board-certified in internal medicine is the best choice to work with you and your regular veterinarian in managing this lifelong condition. The ExpertVet specialty center nearest you, where you can consult with a Board-Certified Veterinarian about the best options for your dog is listed at the bottom of this page. For additional locations, click here.