Is there an alternative to a dermatologist for severe allergies?


My 2 year old boxer is having an allergy to either food or some other element. She has a rash on her belly and keeps scratching her face and chewing her paws. I have taken her to two different veterinarians with no luck on a diagnosis. Both vets recommended I take her to a dermatologist. I don’t want to spend a lot of money – is there an alternative?


Two qualified veterinarians have done their best to diagnose your dog’s condition. It does appear that a consultation with a dermatologist is the best plan for your dog. It is true that the consultation, diagnosis, treatment and follow up care from a Board Certified Dermatologist can cost quite a bit but in the long run it can cost considerably less than attempting diets, medications and cures that are not the correct therapies for your dog. This does not consider the discomfort for your dog and for you during this delay. A Boarded Dermatologist has extensive training and has passed a rigorous examination in this area of specialization. It would be a good idea to at least have an office visit and examination with a dermatologist to get an idea of a diagnostic plan and go from there.