What to do about chronic urinary tract infections.


My 2 year old Shih Tzu been getting urinary tract infections for over a year. The poor thing is on antibiotics every month, making her sick and not peppy. She's such a happy girl for a week or so when not on medications.  What should I do next?


Multiple factors may be responsible and require further investigation. Bladder stones need to be ruled out (some will not show on x-rays). Ultrasound of the kidneys and urinary bladder and urine culture at a time of clinical signs would minimally be advised. Vaginitis can also mimic bladder infection. If a veterinary internal medicine specialist is in your area, such a visit would be advised in this situation.  

In conjunction with your regular veterinarian, a Board-Certified Veterinarian is the best clinician to treat your dog for this condition. The closest ExpertVet certified hospital to you is listed at the bottom of this page. For additional locations, click here.