When will T-Cell Infusion be available to treat cancer in dogs?


T Cell Infusion has proven to be successful in the treatment of Canine Lymphoma, B Cell. In 2011, a collaboration between MD Anderson Cancer Center and Texas A&M ran a small clinical trial that showed great promise, including remission times of 10 months at least.  Is this treatment available now and if not do you know when it may be?


I am assuming that you are referring to the study, " Adoptive T-cell therapy improves treatment of canine non–Hodgkin lymphoma post chemotherapy"  by O'Connor et al. Published in Scientific Reports.  This is an exciting treatment option but as the study reports, it has only been evaluated in a very small number of patients, 8 patients in the treatment group and 8 patients in the placebo group.  There is also a significant expertise and expense involved in collecting and re-infusing the lymphocytes so it is not likely to become commercially available any time soon.  Dr. Laurence JN Cooper is the corresponding author in this study.  You may be able to get information by contacting him, by googling the article, and contacting him directly.