Why is my cat eating so much?


My 7 month old male cat has been eating excessively. His abdomen is distended. Is breathing is very fast when he sleeps and his face and nose feel hot. Should I be worried?


A distended abdomen can mean many things. It could be distension of the stomach, another internal organ or something in the abdominal cavity itself. I think the bigger concern I would have is the rapid breathing. That may just be secondary to the chest cavity being compressed due to enlarged abdomen, but either way I would have your cat seen either by your regular veterinarian or an emergency service to evaluate him as soon as possible. Radiographs of his abdomen will help to determine where the distension is originating. In regards to the excessive eating, he may have parasites that are causing him to not absorb nutrients. While it can be expected in young dogs and cats, it should be addressed. Please take a fresh fecal sample to the exam.