Why is my dog vomiting occasionally and mostly in the middle of the night?


Our 7 lb Yorkie mix has been having intermittent vomiting (almost always in the middle of the night) since moving to a 100 yr old home four months ago.   We discovered mold in the bathroom & other parts of the house.  He only goes outside to do his business then right back in the house.  He doesn't even like to take walks.  Have you ever heard of mold making a dog sick?


I'm sorry to hear that your Yorkie mix is intermittently vomiting. The only time I have ever seen mold cause gastrointestinal irritation is if the pet directly ingests it by eating or licking it. I think in this case, it is highly unlikely that the vomiting is being caused by the mold in the house. Likely, a coincidence!

I recommend seeing your veterinarian for a physical examination and baseline testing to investigate other causes of intermittent vomiting. Possible causes of intermittent vomiting in a Yorkie mix include bilious vomiting syndrome, food allergies, inflammatory bowel disease, and metabolic disease, to name only a few.  Bloodwork and imaging can help differentiate the causes.