Will Potassium Bromide help control my dog's seizures?


Our border collie has seizures and has been on phenobarbital (64.8mg) per day for 4 years now.  It hasn't stopped the seizures and they are getting worse not better.  We heard of potassium bromide for seizures.  Our dog is 68 lbs. Could you tell us the recommended dosage for her?  We would like to try potassium bromide on her.



If the seizures are not being well controlled with phenobarbital, the first step would to be to make sure the phenobarbital blood level is adequate.  Once the phenobarbital blood level is within 30 - 35 mcg/mL, or your pet is at the highest tolerated dose without unacceptable side effects, then a second anti-convulsant could be added to improve seizure control.  The dose for Potassium Bromide varies depending on the medications your pet receives for seizure control. Please consult your veterinarian to check current phenobarbital levels and discuss if it is time to add a second anticonvulsant to your dog's treatment protocol, or to seek additional care from a veterinary neurologist.