All My Patients Have Tales

This book is a funny and poignant account of veterinarian Jeff Wells as he recalls his years at veterinary school and in his early practice. You can tell he loves what he does as he writes with such tenderness and heart about his job as a veterinarian of a mixed-animal practice. This brought him on a journey of treating a wide-range of animals (and their demanding owners) – from your traditional house pets to elephants, yaks and bison. It tells of his middle of the night excursions to some secluded places to treat or aid an animal in need.

There's one a chapter geared to those who are thinking about becoming a veterinarian. He details what it takes to get into veterinary school, what courses you study, how much money it will cost you.

This book is well-written and entertaining broken down into short chapters that are easy to get back to if you happen to stop in the middle. It gives an appreciation to what vets do on a daily basis and the animals they treat and the not-so-pleasant owners they have to deal with. Animal lovers and vet-wanna-bes would certainly enjoy this book.