All My Patients Kick and Bite

A just -as -hilarious-and-as-touching sequel to All My Patients Have Tales – Dr. Wells offers another candid account of his experiences as a veterinarian in rural Colorado. This book offers the same warm, funny and poignant stories of his adventures caring for animals – llamas who are not too keen on getting their nails trimmed to Scottish Highland cattle ready to run over the well-meaning vet to protect a calf. It shows how a job of a vet can be very physical and sometimes very dangerous. There are also moving stories of high risk birthing and life-saving efforts in the middle of cold winter nights. It makes you marvel at the doctor's dedication and resiliency in his calling. We also discover Dr. Wells motivation in becoming a veterinarian and how his pets enrich his life.

This book not only entertains you, but gives you an appreciation for what veterinarians do, their commitment and compassion for animals. It's a good glimpse for those who want to become a vet giving you a vivid picture of what your day-to-day would be like.