Coated With Fur

A chronicle of a young vet's first year in her clinical practice – this book is interesting and filled with poignant anecdotes of the animals she treats and their owners. It tells of a young woman's struggles with a start-up veterinary business as well as a glimpse into the doctor's childhood and motivations for becoming a veterinarian.

Each chapter is presented as Dr. Kris Neson's “favorite or an interesting case.” She writes in such a way that a vivid picture is accurately presented making her reader feel like she's part of the unfolding story. From her stories the reader also learns of the different ailments, their symptoms and what causes them.

The stories are funny and touching – makes you feel connected to the patients and their families. Sometimes it's even suspenseful as she fights to save the lives of her animal patients. You will come to know the doctor as one you'd be so lucky to have as your vet for she is smart, patient and deeply cares for the animals. This book has a universal appeal as it shows the beauty and wonder of the animal/human bond.