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About ExpertVet is an essential resource created for pet owners by a coalition of like-minded veterinary professionals who realized that comprehensive and correct information was too hard to come by.  ExpertVet is designed to inform pet parents and prepare them to make the best decisions, while leveraging the foremost experts and resources for their pet.  When you have the right information, your pet will receive the best care.

There are many signs, causes and treatments for virtually all ailments that our pets experience.  Your primary care veterinarian is the best choice for preventative and wellness care along with diagnosing and treating common afflictions for your pets. However when your pet is seriously sick or injured, the diagnosis and treatments are often more difficult and complex. Your primary care veterinarian will refer you to a veterinary specialist for advanced diagnostics, treatment, surgery and care. In addition most specialty hospitals accept self-referred patients. The ExpertVet certified practice team will work with you and your veterinarian towards the best possible outcome for your pets.

What is an ExpertVet Certified Practice?

ExpertVet Certified Practices are multi-specialty centers that have a staff of Board-Certified veterinary specialists who have demonstrated a capacity to practice at the highest level, and with the highest ethics while showing an ongoing effort to continuously improve on best business practices.

When you utilize an ExpertVet Certified Practice you can feel confident you are in the hands of one of the most advanced veterinary teams in the world who will do their best to provide you with the best service and care possible.  ExpertVet Certified Practices DO NOT pay for referrals from this site. Using an ExpertVet Certified Practice is the one way to know your pet will get the best, customized care possible when it is needed.

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