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Archive for June 2014

Toby the burned puppy gets a new eyelid

Bugsy Profile 2.jpg

Toby is a Lhasa Apso puppy named by caregivers after he was found in Greensboro, NC with serious burns over 50% of his body. Toby received life-saving care at the Guilford County Animal Shelter for third-degree burns on his head, neck, belly and front legs, and his right eye was removed. He was then sent…

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Pet Burials

When that sad day finally comes, it is helpful to know all of the options available in order to make the best possible decision regarding the final arrangements for a pet. Some are still buried in their owner’s backyards.  It’s free, green, easy to visit, and goodbyes can be as simple or as fancy as…

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Grapes & Raisins are Dangerous for your dog!

Grapes Fotolia_62611870_S.jpg

Dogs are frequently exposed to grapes and raisins, especially in households with children. Unfortunately, what many dog owners don’t know is that both can be toxic to their pet. Dogs might eat grapes off the vine, steal grapes or raisins in your home and even eat raisins covered in yogurt or chocolate when you are…

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Noninvasive Regenerative Therapy


Medical advances in stem cell therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapies have offered tremendous hope, but unfortunately, have not yet materialized in a very tangible way. Research has shown varied, and not always positive, results for such therapies especially considering how invasive and painful some of the methods used are. An alternative regenerative medicine…

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More vets turn to prosthetics to help legless pets

OrthoPets-Permission to Use 06-05-2014.jpg

Just like humans, pets can also suffer from missing limbs due to infection, accidents or deformity. With advancing technology and pet owners embracing their pets as family, more and more are turning to artificial limbs to help their beloved pets lead pain-free, mobile and active lives. Prosthetics, orthotics and wheelchairs are just a few of…

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Pets in pain: countering the caregiver placebo effect

Placebo Fotolia_33070976_S.jpg

Clinical trials involving pets are much more difficult to execute due to what is called the “caregiver placebo effect.” This is where the observations of the caregiver influence the true effect of the medical trial. In these types of trials, which are mostly performed to test pain medications, clinicians and scientists are once removed from…

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Rat Poison (rodenticide) Toxicity in Pets

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Anticoagulant rodenticides are designed to kill rats, mice, and other rodents by causing internal bleeding after the rodent ingests the poisonous bait. These poisons are designed to taste good and be very attractive to rodents. Dogs and cats can also find this bait very tasty and may ingest it if it is placed in an…

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What Spring Means to Your Dog

K9 Allergies Fotolia_60100345_S.jpg

Does your dog suffer from springtime allergies? As with humans, springtime can cause discomfort in dogs because of allergies and other health issues, such as parasites infestations, infections, poisoning, injuries and reproductive problems. About twenty percent of dogs in North America suffer from allergies during the spring.

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