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Archive for September 2014

New Surgical Procedures for Ligament Repair

Dog - Knee Rad partial image (3).jpg

Two new surgical procedures being performed on animals may alter the methods surgeons use to repair damaged cartilage and meniscus tears in human knees and other joints. If these trials produce the desired results in animals, then they can be approved for use in humans. The team of surgeons and researchers involved in these trials…

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Stem Cell Research and Treatments in Animals


Stem cell research is changing veterinary medicine. Unlike bone marrow transplants or cord-derived stem cells, a new method of obtaining and purifying cells from fat is gaining popularity. Adipose-derived procedures, as they are also known, have only been performed on humans in research trials at Universities. Treating animals this way, however, has become possible in…

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New Infrared Technology Used in Dog Surgery

Fotolia_49851065_M Dog w-Stethascope.jpg

A new technology using intraoperative near-infrared imaging is being tried out at the University of California-Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. It has proven extremely helpful in soft tissue surgical cases, as this new technique uses infrared wavelengths of light that travel through tissue and fat easily, allowing the surgeons to envision what is underneath the…

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Dental Health

Dog - Dental Care Fotolia_47243165_S (2).jpg

A new method of pet dental care called Nonprofessional Dental Scaling (NPDS) is becoming popular among pet owners. It is also known as anesthesia-free dentistry. Many pet owners are either fearful of anesthesia or cannot afford it, but want to provide some form of oral care for their pets, so they decide on NPDS. The…

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Doggy Lawsuit

Dog - Lawyer Fotolia_41265499_S (2).jpg

Residents of the East River Housing Coop on the Lower East Side of have brought a federal lawsuit against the board and managers of their building. The 1,627 unit apartment building has had a strict, 84-year long policy of not allowing pets and the current residents are seeking to change that.

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Depression in Animals

Fotolia_38346853_S Mastiff Sad.jpg

It is known that depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain that is treated with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. It is not unlikely that this imbalance occurs in other species besides humans. In the past, depression in an animal was synonymous with lethargy, but today it is widely considered a mental illness…

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Neutering Effects in Retrievers

Dog - Vet Fotolia_51002462_XS (2).jpg

UC-Davis veterinary researchers did a study of the incidence of joint disorders and various cancers in neutered retrievers compared to those that were not neutered. The data suggests that the rate of cancers and joint disorders increases in neutered animals, and the effects are even more significant in Golden Retrievers than in Labrador retrievers. Further,…

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