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Archive for October 2014

Leptospirosis, A Growing Concern for Dog Owners

Whether in the city, mountains, country, or suburbs, your dog can get Leptospirosis (Lepto). Lepto is a bacterial disease of dogs, other animal species, and humans.  Its occurrence among dogs is increasing according to veterinarians who are having to deal with more and more cases of lepto. Primarily, this increase is due to the growing…

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Gel to Stop Bleeding

Fotolia_39571895_S - Crypto.jpg

Former NYU student, Joe Landolina, has made a tremendous discovery. Until now, there has been no product available that can almost instantly stop internal and external bleeding in an animal or human. Joe’s product, Veti-Gel, was initially invented as an NYU business school project. It has since snowballed into a ten-person company called Suneris which…

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Epilepsy in Dogs

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Epilepsy is the most widespread neurological condition found in canines. This chronic condition affects around 50,000 canines in the UK alone, not to mention more than half a million people. The most standard course of action for canine epilepsy is anti-epileptic drugs or AED’s. Although the drug works for most dogs, this treatment fails to…

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Snake Bites in Dogs and Cats

Dog & Snake Fotolia_191483_S (2).jpg

There has been a significant increase in the reported number of venomous snakebites in animals in and around Nashville, TN. Although snakebites in animals are common for the region, any increase is cause for concern, because of the serious nature of such bites. Snakes are usually found near water or in wooded, rural areas. Copperheads,…

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