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Chihuahuas Need Homes

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Arizona’s most popular exports have long included the 4 C’s: Copper, Cattle, Citrus and Cotton. Lately, Chihuahuas could be added to that list! In Arizona, and much of the southwest, Chihuahuas are in excess, and there is overpopulation in animal shelters. The breed, which comes from Mexico, is so popular in some Phoenix neighborhoods that…

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Rodenticide – what’s new with Rat Poison?

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In 2008 the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) decided to prohibit the use of second-generation or long-acting anticoagulants in household rodenticides. Manufacturers were forced to be compliant with these regulations in 2011, and many now use bromethalin instead of anticoagulants in their products. Bromethalin is a neurotoxin that affects the part of the cell which…

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Time for me to get a dog…

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Pet Smart Charities, the countries leader in pet adoptions has teamed up with, the world’s largest dating website, to reveal what pet-lovers want when looking for a mate. They tallied the responses of over 1,000 members in the survey, “The Truth about Pets and Dating.”

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Obesity in Cats

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A great majority of cats seen in veterinary practices are overweight or obese. Obesity can lead to many serious, sometimes life-threatening, health conditions for your pet including joint disease, back pain, diabetes mellitus, increased risk of pancreatitis, hepatic lipidosis, cholangitis, chronic diarrhea, urinary blockages and interstitial cystitis.

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Adopting a Dog

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There are many things to think about when adopting a pet. It is a big commitment and should not be entered into lightly. Dr. Julie Dinnage, speaking on behalf of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), advises on several factors to take into account when making this important decision  

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Dogs Sniff Out Disease In Humans

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Early detection of prostate cancer has been enhanced through digital rectal screenings, but they are not always accurate, and may present the potential for discomfort. However, screening techniques are being tested that could change all of that, and they rely on the acute sense of smell of our canine friends.

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Amtrak Allows Pets Onboard

The Illinois Department of Transportation recently announced they are teaming up with Amtrak in a pilot program to do a six month trial allowing passengers to bring their pets aboard. While travelers already “carry on” dogs to flights, until now, Amtrak had not allowed the same accommodations for pets, unless they were service dogs.

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Head Pressing

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Dogs do things all the time that we humans might seem a bit odd, so it is not surprising that we also might miss unusual behaviors, which could actually be life threatening. If you notice your dog or cat pressing their head against a wall or other object for no apparent reason, your pet could…

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Increases in Lyme Disease

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Since 2009, there has been a more than 20 percent increase of Lyme disease in dogs, which corresponds to a similar increase in tick infestations. Lyme disease is caused by the borrelia burgdorferi bacteria and is spread by infected deer ticks. The tick attaches and feeds over the course of 24 hours, allowing the bacteria to…

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