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Hunter the Hero

We have all seen dogs play the hero in movies, but it happened in real life recently in Michigan. Just two weeks after being adopted from the Michigan Humane Society, Hunter proved he really is ‘man’s best friend.’ Around midnight, the puppy woke his parents, Jill and Tim McLarty, in a panic. Initially, they thought he needed to go outside, but upon letting him out, Jill realized that Hunter was trying to communicate something else. The couple brought Hunter back inside the house and tried to make him comfortable in the bedroom. He simply refused to relax, leapt off the bed, ran into the hallway and started running around in circles, whimpering all the while.

Jill finally got out of bed and followed Hunter into the hallway. She continued monitoring the odd behavior of their sweet, desperate doggy and found herself being led into the kitchen. Hunter sat next to the oven and continued to cry. Jill looked at the stove and realized the knob was turned on, but no flames were coming out. She realized that the gas had been leaking since they cooked dinner about six hours earlier. As soon as Jill turned off the stove, Hunter relaxed and went straight to sleep.

The McLarty family’s new pup possibly saved their lives, as there is no telling what might have happened had Hunter not alerted them to the pending danger. They still cannot believe how lucky they were to have rescued him weeks earlier, since ever so ironically, he rescued them in return.