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Neurological Emergency

Signs of a Neurological Emergency

Some of the clinical signs of a neurological emergency include an inability to use limb(s), unable to stand, circling, seizures, head tilt, and general abnormal behavior.



If your pet starts to show signs of a neurological emergency, seek veterinary care immediately. Neurological diseases are difficult to treat and is often very serious. Professional diagnosis and treatment is recommended as soon as possible.

Dealing with a pet emergency can be frightening. Knowing the signs of common pet emergencies and what you can do to alleviate your pet’s pain is an important safety precaution to take. Of course, whenever your pet is showing serious signs of a health issue your first step is to contact your primary care veterinarian or an emergency veterinary hospital. If it is indicated that your pet may suffer from a serious condition, a veterinary specialist or emergency clinician is available at an ExpertVet certified hospital.



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