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Rescue Pets are Second to None

Theron Humphy gained Internet notoriety by taking and posting photographs of his dog Maddie, standing on various… things! He then published those pictures in a book aptly titled, “Maddie on Things: A Super Serious Project About Dogs and Physics.”

He has now started a worthwhile project featuring shelter animals entitled, “Why We Rescue.” Along with Purina One, Humphrey’s new endeavor chronicles the stories of animals from across the country and the families that saved them, through interesting and alluring photography.

Theron’s goal is to illustrate that rescue pets are every bit as wonderful as pets that are bred for show or domesticated living. Rescue pets uniquely enhance each family, and in some small way, contribute to making their corner of the world a better place. Having traveled across all 50 states to capture these special dogs with their families, his photos truly epitomize how grateful the pet owners and adoptees are to have connected with each other.

Theron Humphrey’s “Why We Rescue” project is as visually stunning as it is emotionally moving, and can be seen on his website: