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Respiratory Emergencies

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Preventing pets from chewing or swallowing foreign objects cannot always be possible. Do you know what do in the event of a pet respiratory emergency? Here are the basics that could save their life. 


Collapse, weakness, bluish or gray gum color, rapid or shallow breathing.


Call and seek veterinary care immediately. Such emergencies should not be taken lightly as they are often life threatening. If your pet allows you to look in their mouth, look for any foreign object that may be obstructing the airway. If trying to look in your pet’s mouth distresses them more, stop what you are doing and transport them to a veterinary hospital.

Only try to remove the object (with tweezers or pliers) if it is completely stopping your pet from breathing. If they can still pass some air (wheezing) get them to a veterinary hospital as soon as possible. Limit your pet’s activity; carry them if possible. If your pet stops breathing or loses consciousness, see the poster below for lifesaving techniques.




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