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Tips on Preventing Holiday Pet Injuries, Part 1

The fall and winter seasonal holidays are a time for friends, family, and fun. However, when groups of people come together, there's a greater likelihood of your pet being accidentally injured.

In Part 1, we'll focus on ways to keep your pet safe in general, while in Part 2, we'll focus on common food-related injuries.

Welcoming guests into your home means opportunities for doors to be left open or ajar, leaving a perfect opportunity for your pet to escape. In order to ensure your pets are safe, make sure doors are properly closed after guests enter your house, and that if your dog goes outside to greet your visitors, they're on a leash. Should you have any outside smokers in your party or kids going outside to play, remind them to close the door both when they leave and when they come back in the house.

Green-hued liquid that remains in your driveway after the party is over is most likely spilled antifreeze from a guest's car. Animals of all kinds (both pets and neighborhood fauna alike) enjoy antifreeze due to its sweet taste; therefore, in order to keep all local animals safe, be sure to both wipe it up (but not before putting on gloves first) and dispose it safely out of paws' reach.

The holidays are also time to take your pets along with you on get-aways, vacations, or hikes. When traveling, remember to come prepared with a proper leash, carrier or harness, depending on what your animal needs.

Tips adapted from Dr. Marty Becker's "5 Seasonal Oops to Watch Out For" in the November/December 2015 issue of Dogster

Photo by Dan Hankins, CC by 2.0, via Flickr