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VMSG Implements Environmental Protection Measures

The Veterinary Medical and Surgical Group (VMSG), provides world class medical, surgical and critical care for pets in Ventura, California. Besides taking wonderful care of animals, Leah Basinais, Chief Operations Officer, has empowered VMSG to implement sustainable measures that help protect the environment.

After a meeting with Environmental Specialist, Courtney Lindberg, VMSG realized they could recycle over 50% more than what they had previously. They learned what items could be recycled, like prescription bottles, cardboard, and packaging for needles and I.V.’s and began hanging signs around the facility to help spread the word. The program became so popular, even their hired cleaning service decided to get on board by purchasing more environmentally safe equipment and disposing of waste in a more eco-friendly way, even when working at other facilities. VMSG also switched to using only recycled paper products for all stationary, cards and other printed materials.

Due to the California drought, VMSG has recently implemented substantial water conservation measures including only doing full loads of laundry, adding low-flow showers in the bathrooms, and looking at retrofitting the rest of the sinks and toilets in the building. Furthermore, irrigation timers have been installed outside, and in the near future the landscape may be changed to that of native California gardens, which require no water or fertilizer.

These efforts have given the entire staff a true sense of pride and accomplishment. They are not only making a difference in their workspace and in the community at large, but are also inspiring others to do the same.