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Montana Veterinary Specialists & General Care

Montana Veterinary Specialists & General Care
Address: 1660 Euclid Ave, Helena, MT 59601, USA
Phone: (406) 449-3539

A Unique Veterinary Clinic
If you’re like us, your pet is a member of your family. So you will find a lot of compassion from the staff at our clinic along with leading edge medicine.

We are the only veterinary practice in Montana that has both highly trained primary care vets and a board-certified internal medicine specialist in the same clinic. Your pet benefits from having all these medical resources in one state of the art veterinary clinic.

Dr. Britt Culver is our board-certified internal medicine specialist. He is the only board certified veterinary specialist in Helena and one of only two internal medicine specialists in the state of Montana. In addition to treating patients from our clinic who require advanced medical care, Dr. Culver examines seriously ill animals referred by other veterinarians across the state.

All of our vets participate in continuing education to stay on top of the latest developments in veterinary medicine. We do this to make sure we offer our patients the best possible veterinary care.

We also pursue additional training in specific areas. For example, Dr. Brenda Culver has a special interest in ophthalmology and Dr. Misty Clausen has a strong interest in preventative care and animal reproduction.



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