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How risky is it to spay a cat from a cattery that has always lived in a cage?


I just got an adult cat from a cattery. I will be having her spayed in the near future, as soon as she gets used to her new surroundings and me. She has never lived in a house before, just in a cage in a cattery. How serious is this operation for her?



Sincere thanks to you for adopting this kitty and providing her with a nice home.  Spaying is a very safe and common surgery in young, healthy pets.  Animals that are housed in tight quarters with other animals commonly harbor communicable diseases, the most common being upper respiratory conditions.  These conditions can be exacerbated by surgery.  After she is acclimated to her new environment and diet, I would take her to your regular veterinarian for a full physical exam.  Your vet will clear her for surgery.  If she shows any signs of illness prior, I would take her to your vet immediately.  

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