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I am desperate to find financial assistance to pay for my dogs’ care. What are my options?


I am on disability with a very small fixed income and unfortunately also have bad credit. My dog needs medical care and surgery and I don’t qualify for CareCredit or conventional credit cards. Are there options out there to help me with the medical costs for my puppy?




You may have already tried these already, but here are some resources for applying for funding. These options take time and patience to go through the application process, but when it works, funds are received for your pet’s medical care. If you are able to secure assistance it is likely that you will still need to provide some/much of the funding for your pets’ care. Also check with your veterinarian, local shelter, and rescue groups to see if there are any local sources of funding.


An internet search will provide additional sources for you. Also look for rescues that work with your dogs’ breed to see if they have any possible funding support. You could try a social media appeal on a site where you have history (Facebook, etc.). For this to work, it will be important to have friends that know you and know that the need is legitimate to share your request; this is a long shot, but worth a try. A bake sale and/or yard sale may also help contribute to the funds needed.

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