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My dog developed pancreatitis after a diet change due to bladder stones. What should we do now?


My dog had surgery for bladder stones about a month ago. We started her on a prescription diet to prevent development of future bladder stones. A few weeks after surgery, she developed pancreatitis. She was treated with antibiotics and anti-emetics (treatment for vomiting) and recovered. Now, only a week and a half later, she is having pancreatitis symptoms again. We have only fed her the special diet since the surgery, no treats, no table scraps, nothing. We think the food is the trigger. Can you advise as to what would be an appropriate commercial dog food or homemade dog food for her?


I am sorry to hear that your dog is having so many problems. The diet you mentioned in your message is an excellent diet for the stones. Adding the component of pancreatitis makes things a little more complicated. One of the big questions is why exactly she has pancreatitis. Investigating that with an internal medicine specialist would help to develop the best treatment plan. In general, a low-fat diet for an extended period of time is generally recommended, but an internist would be able to best develop a full treatment plan. I wish you the best of luck.

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