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My dog is having serious problems with bowel movements and I am frustrated. Please help!


I’ve been to several vets and no one has shed any light on the issues my dog is having. He goes outside to poop and pushes even when he has already pooped several times. His feces is not quite as bad as diarrhea, but it is softer than normal stool and is sometimes a lighter color than normal. It occasionally has blood in it as well. He pushes so hard that he created some sort of wound just above his anus and slightly off to the right. I’ve been to three different vets about 15 times and none of them have given me any idea of what is happening. He has been on antibiotics. They help while he’s on them, as his poop is very normal and he doesn’t strain. But as soon as the antibiotic is gone, it goes back to the same. I have changed his food in case it was a food intolerance. He’s also had his anal glands looked at and expressed several times, but they’ve never been backed up or abnormal. This has been going on for several months. He does not exhibit any other signs of sickness. What can I do for him? Any suggestions would be appreciated.



Chronic, undiagnosed ailments are extremely frustrating.  Consider asking your regular veterinarian for a referral to see a board-certified specialist in internal medicine.  They will have the ability to run additional tests or perform scope procedures that can visualize the GI tract and take tissue samples that can be analyzed. 

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