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I am desperate to find financial assistance to pay for my dogs’ care. What are my options?

Question: I am on disability with a very small fixed income and unfortunately also have bad credit. My...

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What treatment can help my tiny dog with a collapsing trachea?

Question: My 2-year-old, 4-pound teacup Yorkie has been diagnosed with a stage-3 collapsing trachea. What can be done to help him lead a...

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Will a custom-made brace help my dog’s torn ligament?

Question: My dog has a torn cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) and an unstable knee. Would you recommend a custom-made brace...

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My cat has food sensitivities and is now on a diet to prevent bladder stones. Can that cause food allergies to get worse?

Question: My cat is prone to developing crystals in her bladder, so our vet prescribed Royal Canin S/O food. The problem...

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Is it possible my dog’s thyroid medication is causing his allergy problems?

Question: My 10-year-old Labrador has had ongoing allergy issues for the past couple of years (itching, biting...

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My dog has pancreatitis and bladder stones. What can I feed him to prevent both?

Question: I have a 10-year-old Yorkie who developed the crystal-type of bladder stones last year. After surgery,...

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My 7-year-old dog has been sick and getting worse for 2 years. All the tests have come back normal. What next?

Question: For 2 years, my 7-year-old dog has been getting worse and worse. We have had test...

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Are there any vet hospitals that offer education classes for the pet owner who is trying to care for a seizure-prone dog?

Question: We just had our 10 year old lab put down after an 11 hour battle with...

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My cat’s kidneys are failing. Is it worth getting her a blood transfusion?

Question: My cat has very a low red blood cell count and was treated for a urinary...

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My vet recommended TPLO surgery on my acutely lame dog without taking x-rays. Is that appropriate?

Question: My dog, a German Shepard mix, pulled up lame while chasing a ball. We were told that...

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