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Help! My dog is urinating on the bed and tearing up the house!

Question: A few weeks ago, my 7-year-old dog started urinating on my bed, even right after spending...

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How do you know if your dog has torn a ligament/tendon?

Question: My dog was dropped from a grooming table and fell on the floor on her “wrist.”...

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My dog has an ear infection with a bloody discharge from his nose.

Question: My dog has horrible ear infection in one ear with Pseudomonas. It has been treated for...

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Is there another option besides an MRI to diagnose a disc injury?

Question: My 13 year old Chihuahua suddenly does not want anyone to touch him. He has been...

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Is laser therapy or surgery better for my dachshund?

Question: My dachshund is having trouble walking. My vet has recommended laser therapy, but I’ve read that...

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My dog is getting progressively sicker – what should I do?

Question: My 9 year old dog has not been eating well for about three weeks. The vet...

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Does elevating feeding dishes prevent canine bloat?

Question: There appears to be much disagreement among veterinarians regarding elevated feeding dishes to prevent canine bloat....

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Is there an alternative to a dermatologist for severe allergies?

Question: My 2 year old boxer is having an allergy to either food or some other element....

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Is there a cure for episcleritis?

Question: My 18 month old golden retriever has enlarged eyes with swelling that sometimes causes the whites...

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Is there a numbing gel or cream for dogs that can be used prior to drawing blood?

Question: My dog really has a hard time when at the vets office and does not like...

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