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Sheltie Sheepdog Mouth Open (flickr) - 11707984104_c974bb71ff_z.jpg

Are there long term problems from having teeth extracted?

Question: My 6 yr old sheltie just had her 4 bottom teeth pulled, between the canines, during ...

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Dog - General10 14378825828_b3f316c6d2_m (2).jpg

When will T-Cell Infusion be available to treat cancer in dogs?

Question: T Cell Infusion has proven to be successful in the treatment of Canine Lymphoma, B Cell....

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Dog - Red Ear 5448342323_4d6951fb3b_m (2).jpg

Could balance problems in my dog be related to a TECA surgery 6 months ago?

Question: My dog had a total ear canal ablation (TECA) in 7 months ago and has been very good...

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Dog - Boxer 5547719994_43b36928af_m (2).jpg

Our young adult dog has seizures and now the vet thinks he may have a brain tumor. What do we do next?

Question: Our 5 year old boxer has been experiencing seizures that started 7-8 months ago.  It started...

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Chocolate Lab on Beach (Flickr) - 8523607444_b959ac4872_z.jpg

My older dog is suddenly having accidents in the house. What could cause this?

Question: My 9 year old lab mix is suddenly urinating and defecating in the house. My son’s...

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Dog Drinking Water (Flickr) - 1392642345_fe024d0514_z.jpg

My senior dog is drinking and urinating a lot. Should I be worried?

Question: My 10 yr. old Pomeranian is drinking excessive amounts of water and urinating a lot. Could...

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Fat Cat Fotolia_45339155_S.jpg

My cat became seriously overweight in a multi-cat household. I need advice on weight loss in cats.

Question: I have a young adult cat that became obese when I lived in a multi-cat household....

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Yorkie Napping (Flickr) - 3544058075_47a7c2c753_z.jpg

Why is my dog vomiting occasionally and mostly in the middle of the night?

Question: Our 7 lb Yorkie mix has been having intermittent vomiting (almost always in the middle of...

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Dog - General19 14378825828_b3f316c6d2_m (2).jpg

I need help with getting blood from my dog for glucose testing!

Question: My dog needs glucose monitoring at home but the problem is getting enough blood for testing....

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Upsidedown Kitten -2655478691_9a032d4f8c_z.jpg

I have a tiny kitten with fleas. What do I do?

Question: I have a very small kitten, about 5 to 6 weeks old, and she has fleas....

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